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Getting Started

Welcome! I am so excited to write alongside you.

Before we begin our writing journey there are a few housekeeping things to go over.

How It Works: Starting on January 1, 2023, a writing prompt will be posted at midnight every Sunday. Using that writing prompt as inspiration write, this can be something that will fit into your WIP or just something to get the juices flowing. Once you have something written, we encourage you to post the writing and then engage with other writers who have posted their work.

House Rules:

1. Be kind. This is a community of fellow writers who are being vulnerable with their writing. Respect that.

2. Keep it family friendly. While many writers are comfortable with more risqué writing but there are some who may be uncomfortable with such writing. In order to be respectful to everyone please keep your writing more family friendly in nature.

3. Write! This is the whole point of the community, to be writers who write and write together. Enjoy the process.


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Week 3

Write a scene with a prisoner in it.

Week 2

Write a scene that contains the words old, drum, distortion, shiver.

Week 1

Write a scene showing your MC (Main Character) in their "normal" life? Who were they before they were thrown into their adventure (or misadventure).


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